Cindy is an artist, multi disciplinary designer and visionary, whose independent spirit has prompted her to cut her own path through the esoteric field.

Disarming British Individuality, Cindy is a leader not a follower  

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Just as Cindy’s fashion career rocketed her to international acclaim overnight, so too, her spiritual  awakening happened equally dramatically, and she unexpectedly found herself at the forefront of a vastly different field, but where her long suppressed spiritual nature, suddenly emerged.

Imagination lies at the centre of all creation, for everything that exists is through the imaginings of one luminescent mind at core. But oh what a mind and oh what inspiration and profound focus of vision to dream into being something so exquisite and magical as this universe of ours.

Cindy Beadman

Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited, whereas imagination embraces the entire world, stimulating progress, giving birth to evolution.

Albert Einstein

Revelation can guide reason

Cindy Beadman

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Wonder is the desire for knowledge

Cindy Beadman

A Discussion Group at ‘Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute’

To celebrate renowned physicist and Nobel Laureate, Sir Roger Penrose’s talk ‘Fashion, Faith and Fantasy, in the new Physics of the Universe,’ Monday November 26th , at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute, a new branch of the very successful organisation, ‘The Scientific and Medical Network’ (of which he is a member) is to be launched.

This is an international forum that began in 1973 and brings together a wide variety of professionals, i.e. scientists, doctors, philosophers, psychologists, engineers and complementary practitioners for critical open-minded discussion of ideas that go beyond reductionist science and its materialistic approach.

Its aim is to promote evidence based enquiry of concepts that attempt to expand the frontiers of science, consciousness and spirituality, in order to further the understanding of reality.

Other members include, Deepak Chopra, Dr Rupert Sheldrake, Prof. Stuart Hamerhoff, Prof. Chris Clark, Dr Peter Fenwick and Ravi Ravindra. There is also access to much archive materiel by such people as the late David Bohm FRS. The monthly meetings will take place at B.R.L.S.I. and will take the form of discussion groups and presentations that explore this fascinating area of research.

Past Events at Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute Events
Isaac Newton, Scientist – and Alchemist

Isaac Newton – The Ultimate Magus was the first of a short series of talks celebrating the 350th Anniversary of the Royal Society. It was given by philosopher, writer & poet Dr Peter Marshall, and introduced by Cindy Beadman, making her debut appearance as a Convenor. The series poses the question ‘Were Science and Faith once on friendlier terms?’

Cindy Beadman and Roger Penrose
Roger Penrose at BRSLI
Rupert Sheldrake- BRLSI Poster

Alchemy, unites information obtained through revelation with that observed through the mind

Cindy Beadman