Cindy has been a practising healer, counsellor, psychic diagnostician and workshop facilitator for many years. She has worked with a wide variety of serious diseases of mind, body and spirit, and given many talks throughout the country to both orthodox and alternative practitioners, ADD, including the Steiner Centre, London and Bath Royal Literary and Scientific Institute. She is a published writer and has also appeared on national television on numerous occasions in her role as a healer. Throughout her work, Cindy became increasingly aware of just how devastating it is to our health, when we neglect our divine state of child consciousness. Indeed, the resulting loss of joy seemed to be the very catalyst for disease to kick in. For Cindy, the problem came into much clearer focus after a particularly challenging period working at Bristol Cancer Help Centre. Consequently, she decided to build a magical healing grotto to begin, what became her life crusade, which involved nurturing the inner child in both in adults and children.

Never blessed with good health herself due to difficult childhood experiences, Cindy tested her theory by using the inspiration of the ‘inner child’, as the main focus of her own self development, as seen in The Sleeping Giant.

Her heightened sensitivity, which derived from those earlier circumstances, turned out to be her greatest gift because she was still able to see the wonder of creation through the eyes of a child.

It is this rare quality, together with her natural enthusiasm and sense of fun, that breaks through our defences and undoubtedly makes this book a powerful and unique teaching guide to self-empowerment.

Moreover, both Alchemical and Christian texts teach us that innocence and simplicity can succeed where the greatest minds fail.