Art and Design

Lightning Strike

Lightning Striking

This painting records the visionary moment when I felt as though I had been struck by lightning and had woken up in a completely different world. It marked the beginning of my journey to enlightenment..

Sculpture – The Tree of Life

I created this metal sculpture after another vision in which i saw the universe creating itself from a central light source of pure divine consciousness..

Cindy Beadman

The Healing Grotto

I created the healing grotto in order to work specifically with children. I had been practising as a healer and counsellor at Bath Natural Health Clinic for some time, as well as at the Cancer Self-help Centre in Bristol with Dr. Mike Weir and felt a need to ‘lighten up’. Hence after eighteen months of work, plus very many loving gifts from sometimes complete strangers, my old coal vault under the pavement of Royal Crescent in Bath, was successfully transformed into a beautiful grotto. Here I not only worked with children but also with adults sent by my local GP in various stages of mental distress such as schizophrenia. The grotto, together with my work there, soon became well known with the result that it was featured in numerous TV programmes, including one on BBC 1 on Boxing day, presented by the late Karen Hunniford, that delved into contemporary beliefs about Angels, using many personal stories of direct experiences.

Cindy’s Alchemy game, re- designed for modern times

'Cindy's Alchemy game, re- designed for modern times'
'Cindy's Alchemy game, re- designed for modern times'
'Cindy's Alchemy game, re- designed for modern times'

All these paintings and sculptures were created after a huge shift of consciousness and spiritual awakening that occurred soon after I became ill with M.E. and had to give up my fashion career. They coincided with many precognitive dreams I was also having at the time, one of which predicted the theory of infinitive scale of the Julia/Mandelbrot set, which the paintings represent. It was not until many years later that I became aware of an even greater significance of all my creative outpourings – that they also predicted the profound prolonged hermetic journey I was about to undertake. A journey that eventually led to my understanding of the unified cosmology of the whole. The record of that journey, ‘The Sleeping Giant,’ was later given provenance by the late Vladislav Zadrobilec, a world famous practising alchemist, dissident and publisher who lived in Prague.