The Importance of Fairy Tales

It is no coincidence that some of our fairy tales and archetypal myths speak of our darkest primal nature. Because it is only through telling our stories that we can ultimately find dedempion and forgive those who transgress against us. For stories are birthed in the psyche and must be healed through the psyche. A voyage of inspiration and discovery that can take us right down through those mysterious depths of our primal consciousness to the very centre of our soul. A sacred journey that ideally should be undisturbed by the earthly or the external, and that demands total surrender to the spiritual intimacy of the process as well as a dedication to an aesthetic of truth and beauty. Only in this way can the passion of such an all-consuming love necessary for transformation, blossom fully, as we seek out out the mystery of the ultimate Divine union, through the vehicle of our own personal fairy tale. Or in these words of Rossetti;
The face of loves all penetrating spell
Amulet, talisman and oracle,
Betwixt sun and moon a mystery.